Energised Racing &/or Gym Vest

Orders are made on specific dates throughout the year only -

please note it may take up to 4 weeks for your order to be ready

Energised Racing & Training Gym Vest

Breathable racing/training vest, really popular to wear anywhere in the World when you want to train hard, race fast and be part of the Team.

We have had photos of our Energised racing vests in all sorts of places, China, Australia, New York and all over the UK. Join us and get your's today...

Please email colour choice & any questions to: info@energisedperformance.com - Payment can be made via PayPal bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Orders are made early Feb, June & October for collection by the end of the month.

Team & Event Specific Orders (Race for Life, Triathlon, Charities, Running etc) and Additional orders can be made outside of this time, just email your requests.

Please note: Orders are non exchangeable or returnable, and time scales for delivery vary.

Or if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer email us for bank details at info@energisedperformance.com

Photo with thanks to AWDis from Ikon Clothing, our sports provider.

Please email size, colour and print details to info@energisedperformance.com

Colours: Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy, (Cerise, Turquoise, Purple are popular)

Brand: Gildan or AWDis

Mix: Polyester Breathable Blend - wears and washes well

Print: Front - Team Energised small logo (opitional year, please state)
          or by request ... across the whole chest * Gain the Edge (Sports People love these!) or * Inside Out (for complete training contentment!)
          Back - Team Energised (with the year optional, please state)

Unisex Vests (told they come up a little large - depends how fitted you like it): Size S (34-36") - XXL (50-52") approx
Ladies Breathable Vests (a slightly fitted in fit, but not totally) - Size XS (8) - XL

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