Kate Percy's 'Real Fast Food'

Kate Percy launched Go Bites in 2017 to give active people a snack that was naturally healthy and sustaining. These all-natural energy balls are made predominantly from dried fruit, nuts & seeds and oats. They are dairy-free, vegan-friendly and contain only naturally occurring sugars; perfect before a workout or as a healthy snack.

They recently launched 3 more flavours; Strawberry & cashew, Raspberry & cacao and Blueberry & blackcurrant. The energy balls are rolled in freeze-dried fruit to give you a little zing of energy!

The Team's nutritionist Sophie Heath writes "Go Bites are made with kitchen cupboard ingredients you can trust, without the need to get your food processor out! They are packed with natural sugars and fibre as well as good fats from the nuts & seeds, perfect for keeping your energy levels topped up - whether that be to get you ready for a run, or just as a healthy sustaining snack to replace the mid-afternoon biscuit tin!"

Kate and the Team are on a mission to teach all children to be able to cook 5 simple, nutritious recipes by the time they leave school and 10% of net profits will support that mission. 

Visit www.gofasterfood.com to learn more and to order some delicious Go Bites

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