Yoga Nidra 2021 Sessions

Yoga Nidra 2021 Sessions

Coming Soon 

Following the amazing feedback from our Mental Health Yoga Nidra Session it October I wanted to offer a magic yoga nidra session leading into the Winter Solstice.
All you need is a zoom connection, comfortable place to lie and the hour, it will be recorded so you can sign up and will be sent the link to play in your own time - and it can be used again and again. A donation from each full payment will be made to charity. No experience is needed, any questions do let us know.


If you would like to find out more about our Make 2021 Mentoring - The Brave Year, just send an email for the information.
2021 January courses coming soon including New Year's Nidra Magic, 21 Day Commitment Challenge, Make 2021 Brilliant Online Workshop - to be first to know, pop us a reply

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