Yoga Nidra Magic - Sunday 20th December

Yoga Nidra Magic

Sunday 20th December 

Following the amazing feedback from our Mental Health Yoga Nidra Session it October I wanted to offer a magic yoga nidra session leading into the Winter Solstice.
All you need is a zoom connection, comfortable place to lie and the hour, it will be recorded so you can sign up and will be sent the link to play in your own time - and it can be used again and again. A donation from each full payment will be made to charity. No experience is needed, any questions do let us know.

Date: Sunday 20th December 2020

Cost: £21 with charity donation
          £11 if financial struggles with this year
          £86 including 3 Card Oracle reading with Kim (to find out more email)
If you would like to find out more about our Make 2021 Mentoring - The Brave Year, just send an email for the information.
2021 January courses coming soon including New Year's Nidra Magic, 21 Day Commitment Challenge, Make 2021 Brilliant Online Workshop - to be first to know, pop us a reply

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Yoga Nidra

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