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Kim is an Executive Coach, with over 15 years experience working with Global Multi Nationals including Danone, Mintel and Santander.  She offers bespoke Impact Seminars, interactive workshops, keynotes and CEO 1:1 Performance Coaching.  

Kim has a unique partnership with her Olympic Athletes, offering workshops for the client blending inspirational talks from the sports person, with accessible practical tools to implement change from herself.  She has co hosted with Mark FosterGethin Jones & presented at TEDx. In 2017 Kim was a top Finalist for the International NLP in Business Awards & Making a Difference Award. 

'Kim is outstanding. She is flexible, challenging and supportive and she has the ability to encourage improved performance in a fun and relaxed way. The is no doubt she makes a huge difference to your organisation, individual performance and well-being.' Peter Haigh, CEO, Mintel 

Our Impact seminar & Executive Coaching Programmes are thought provoking, interactive and challenging, whilst fitting comfortably into your company's working day. They encouraging employees to  stretch their boundaries and have the courage to change one thing, which will positively impact their well being, health and productivity at work. For a further discussion about how we maybe able to help you and your organisation, whatever your size, please contact us.

Below are a sample of our most popular Impact Seminars. 

"Kim has helped us run Wellbeing workshops with Athletes from team GB. The feedback from employees, engagement and turnout was ways beyond our expectations. Kim was able to engage delegates on such a hard topic and also gain their commitment on actions."  Carole Taleb, HR Business Partner at Danone 

Safe Stress

Health and Safety Executives state 50% of absenteeism from work is stress related

Employees often feel under pressure to perform optimally and become overwhelmed with the amount of work undertaken. This interactive and thought provoking workshop will start to provide employees with a clear strategy to manage both their own, and their team's, stress levels. This is designed to promote a robust, flexible and passionate workforce. As a company you will learn:

  • The physiological effects of stress on your mind and body
  • The classic signs of stress and anxiety and how to cope
  • The warning signals associated with burnout
  • Positive stress management
  • Negative stress management

Great Posture at Work

8 out of 10 employees will suffer from back pain continually.
An average of 11 days per employee are missed due to back pain in the UK.

Many employees spend the majority of their day just sitting at a desk, without moving around. The long term result of this is often a weak lower back and rounded shoulders. This can prevent a good flow of blood to the brain thus resulting in reduced concentration levels and lower levels of productivity. This interactive workshop will:

  • Explain why good posture is important
  • Promote the benefits of good posture
  • Provide functional tips to improve posture at work
  • Assess employees' posture
  • Demonstrate equipment to develop good posture and circulation

Nutrition for Fantastic Brain Power

54% of stress and poor concentration at work is made worse by poor nutrition & a lack of essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, C and Zinc (Holford 2012).

When your brain is fed and hydrated well you will have constantly high productivity and concentration levels. There are several essential brain foods, which when combined with a healthy lifestyle, will give optimal mental clarity. This workshop can be blended with 1:1 performance coaching with DNA testing. During this interactive seminar you will learn:

  • How to balance glucose levels which fuel the brain
  • Which essential fats keep the brain well oiled and which fats destroy the brain
  • Which proteins help with the brain transmission
  • Which vitamins and minerals fine tune the mind
  • How sleep and eating habits affect the food you eat – even if it is healthy

The Balance of Work & Life 

Absenteeism costs the UK £11.6bn a year, according to the CBI.Better work-life policies make people healthier and happier and so less likely to take time off work.

Work-Life Balance is a constant challenge for the employee, and without it the long term likelihood of illness and burnout is high. This interactive workshop is designed to challenge each individual to put their life in balance and make sure that each area has something of value in it. From this workshop individuals will take away an understanding of:

  • How a good worklife balance improves well being, productivity and commitment
  • How poor worklife balance often leads to long term ill health
  • How to anaylse their own worklife balance
  • How to commit to change at least one thing

Action and Achieve your Goals 

The power of change is controlled by an individual's belief patterns – be that positive or negative. By formulating ‘timelines' one can set their goals in an effective and positive manner whilst understanding and highlighting limiting beliefs. Timelines encourage individuals to look at the past, present and future have a much higher success rate than more conventional methods. Timelines have been used with many major companies such as GlaxoSmithkline. During this workshop employees will:

  • Gain a clear action plan with achievable goals
  • Identify skills from the past that will be useful in the future
  • Identify how to develop skills required for the future
  • Learn how to cope with challenging situations
  • Empower individuals with the courage to change

Overcoming Obstacles & Barriers

This is a bodywork activity that promotes self-awareness in combination with physical activity. The approach is unique in that it goes beyond the ‘feel-good' factor associated with exercise and moves people through a pre determined metaphorical exercise. This circuit effectively combines the benefits of exercise with the power of NLP and change. It has been successfully integrated into NHS Groups (SAD Disorder and Depression) as well as with companies such as the BBC. A large space is required and individuals will need to be prepared to move their bodies. This workshop will help employees to:

  • Assess their life and make positive changes
  • Understand areas within their life which may be restricting them
  • Combat communication frustrations, anger and anxiety in a beneficial, progressive way
  • Appreciate the areas of their life which make them feel happy
  • Improve communication and understanding with each other
  • Develop team building and interaction skills

Living and Working from a Suitcase

Strategies and tips to help you cope with working away from home. 

"I hired Kim, along with 2 other coaches, as part of an off-site Work Life Balance program for our senior management team. Her approach was professional, as well as very personable and the feedback was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. The team consisted of different managers, each with a different communication style, yet Kim managed to reach and impress each and every one of them. Her energy and positivity is infectious. I still have people tell me how she impacted their lifestyle, 7 years later! This is no mean feat. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim for professional seminars and 1:1 mentoring. She is truly inspirational."

Maria Regis - Constant, Google (Workshops & 1:1 Mentoring)

For more information about our impact seminars or to discuss your needs please contact us.

Ker Tyler, Chief Executive at Fit for Leadership Ltd

"Kim is an outstanding professional with broad experience, and a strong reputation based on exceptional results, I have no hesitation in recommending Kim who has a thorough, detailed and disciplined side to match her public persona.
I am looking forward to continuing to work with Kim and recommending her to my clients and colleagues."

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