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Become Fitter, Stonger & More Confident in 2017...... remove the excuses and limits with our support

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Our Be Energised Fitness System is a unique, well developed service which gets results .... combining advanced knowledge in all areas of wellbeing, offering you complete body management to support you to achieving results, in a way that works for you. Our programme will be designed to fit around your lifestyle - we train you on Skype or in person in Bristol, London or by request.. Its all about functional, relevant, specific training to give YOU the results and habits you are want. Our Be Energised Fitness System is the more conventional personal training system for those people wishing to get a fitter, have accountability and a kick start.

Common areas we are often asked to help YOU include:

“I have been working with Kim over the past two years as she offers flexible, expert training. Her personable approach helps her clients find confidence in their abilities and gives them the motivation and encouragement to achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Kim's services, regular bootcamp training or stay-away fitness camps to anyone who needs a boost to their training. I will definitely be working with Kim again in the future.” Jo, 2015

  • Becoming lighter, losing weight & toning up
  • Lacking motivation, focus or commitment
  • Getting bored easily and being stuck in a routine
  • Training regularly but not getting the results you are looking for
  • Charity challenges and completing your first race
  • De stress - Increasing your energy & overall wellbeing
  • Healthy nutrition and quality sleep patterns
  • GP Referral for Diabetes, Posture, Obesity, ME, CFS etc
  • Postural Problems & Back Care

“We used Kim to work in the capacity of Sports Psychologist for the female and male novice triathlon squads of the Serpentine Running Club. She came highly recommended and was a pleasure to work with. Her positive and engergizing attitude is contageous. Kim made a huge impact on the novice athletes, giving them tools to work with in training and racing that definitely changed their attitude and led to improved performance. I will work with Kim again.”
Beate, 2015

We offer a wide range of skills with qualified REPS registered Level 3 trainers who will help YOU achieve your goals today. We offer you knowledgeable supportive trainers, qualified in many areas to give you expert, effective, challenging and FUN sessions including:

* HR Training and the benefits to quick, effective results
* Jogging & Running biomechanics to improve your style, speed and enjoyment
* Functional Fitness - Kettlebell, ViPR, TRX, Alpha Bags & Powerbag training - functional, fun sessions for maximum results, strength & tone
* Pad work, boxing and kicks for toning, stress release and self defence
* Swiss Ball, Flexi Bar & Bosu work for core stability, posture and balance
* Fat burning, effective circuit training for all levels and ages
* Injury rehabilitation, prevention and return to full fitness
* Healthy nutrition advice, stress management and sleep patterns

“I have been a client of Energised Performance and Kim Ingleby for the past 18 months and the change in not only my physique and fitness has been massively improved but my attitude to exercise and nutrition alike. Like many I am sure, my body confidence goes up and down however over the past 18months this has been consistent and goes hand in hand with the knowledge I have gained from improved training specifically tailored for me and my improved nutrition. I highly recommend Energised Performance's bootcamps, small group sessions and one to one personal training. The bootcamps give the social aspect of training and exercising with others, the small group sessions give you the attention of personal training and PT is great for focusing on individual goals. Energised Performance and Kim Ingleby have become such a positive influence to my life. It is energetic, it is positive and you get results.” Suzanne Roper 2014

" Kim has been one of the most aspirational women I've ever met. I would recommend her to anyone who's wanting to get more out of their lives - get fitter, lose weight, tone up, feel Great! Kim's approach to training is brilliant, she's an innovator: bring in the latest effective kit to the training sessions. Kim has a firm grip on reality and realistically sets training sessions and goals that are achievable and enjoyable but never easy. Kim leads by example and has a positive outlook and demeanour that is totally infectious. I am very proud to have been able to work with Kim, if you're looking for a personal trainer I cannot recommend her enough, she's at the top of her profession." Daph, 2015

When starting out with us, to start to reach your goals, change your habits and feel good. We offer a FREE Consultation to discuss your requirements and then the choice of 6 - 12 Weeks Commitment to guarantee results.

Specialist Areas we work with:

We offer Specialist Kick Start to Boost Programmes to target specific goals and get results:

  • Posture Back Strength Fit
  • Pre & Post Natal Fit
  • Kick Start Fit
  • Beach Body Fit
  • Bridge & Groom Fit
  • Snow Sport Fit
  • Equine 'Eventing' Fit
  • Sport Fit - Golf, Tennis, Hockey
  • Run & Tri Fit
  • GP Referral Fit

The first session will always be a goal setting session, discussion around motivation, any concerns etc.

From here you will have learned new things, decided what you like and we know what areas to focus on to work together to get the best results.

You can also have small group training with 2-3 friends with similar goals, reducing your costs, increasing motivation and results.

We offer the option of online personal training, coaching & training plans for those of you that are not so close to Bristol – this a beneficial, structured and well supported method of training.

" If I could bottle the sessions, advise and treatment that Energised Performance gives me, so I could have it whenever I wanted I would. Kim has added more value to my life, taught me to work with my conditions, have fun, get fitter, listen and respect my body. If there was one person I had to recommend, it would be her."2004 - present client.

We closely work with many professionals within the medical and fitness industry - including Doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, surgeons, podiatrists and chiropracters to give you the best service, and results in the time frame that works for you. We are REPS Registered Level 3 (, and specifically trained with GP Referral Certificates (The Wright Foundation -

Training Packages:

Group Monthly On Line Coaching

1;1 Monthly Coaching (online/in person)

For Specific Goals - see above:

Kick Start Energised Fit: 6 Weeks


Boost Energised Fit: 12 weeks

For more indepth training visit our Fit Inside Out Training

Impact: 3 Months

Empower: 6 Months

Transformation: 9 Months

Energised Coaching Day & Weekend

“It would be fair to say that my life has changed...I was a prime candidate for a heart attack. I have lost weight, stopped smoking, reduced my stress levels and begun exercising regularly. Energised Performance will help you achieve your goals, they are approachable and relaxed with an exceptional level of knowledge. I would have no hesitation recommending them.” Adam

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