Inner Confidence Fit Club - Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022

Inner Confidence Fit Club 

10th Oct - 1st December approx, 8 weeks

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Helping you find a happier, healthier, more energised you this Winter

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100% I am happier in myself, which is a miracle. Thank you!!' Jenny, London

Introducing our Proven Inner Confidence Fit Club

The best, most simple, effective and positive step by step course.
Specially designed to give you the courage to grow your inner confidence, stop self sabotage and become the very best YOU, right NOW.

8 Week Online Course starts 10th October 2022

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What is it?

My name is Kim Ingleby and I'm passionate about helping people access their full potential, let go of fears and self sabotage, manage their stress and basically, take action and make their wishes happen, whilst learning to love the person they are.

Over the last few years I’ve been developing this empowering course to help you grow in confidence, mind and body. It’s taken a while, and I’m super excited that now it’s ready.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women & men who live behind a mask, lacking in confidence, even though people around them maybe do not realise it. They often feel vulnerable inside, like they are not good enough. It doesn’t matter what they look like, they just don’t feel confident or like the person they are. They have tried all sorts of plans and workouts, finding it all overwhelming and often disappointing, as although they get results on the outside, they still feel rubbish on the inside. This leads to a cycle of self-doubt, anxiety and internal self sabotage.

I felt drawn to create this course, as I’ve felt like this for many years too, confused by what is 'right' or 'wrong', and even as a trainer feeling under pressure to feel and look good, but not feeling it inside. I wanted to reach and support as many women and men as I can around the World to make a global difference, to gather us all together and help each other grow your Inner Core Confidence, Mind & Body.

It breaks my heart when people come to me hating who they are, when I can see how beautiful and strong they are. I think because I used to feel like that and realise how much damage it does, and overall how much it limits YOU and your awesome potential to live the very best life you want. It is therefore, my complete passion and purpose to give you simple tools and exercises on our course, to help you realise a tiny spark more of your potential and grow in confidence. It’s a journey and if you feel ready, jump onto this course as it will get you started, I promise.

I believe this is the ultimate solution to start to change things for you, inside out, mind and body. Before I trained with NLP, Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, I was getting great results with people, yet still they didn't like who they were, or feel they could celebrate what they achieved. I kind of felt like I had let them down, as all those things they kept saying they would do when they were lighter and fitter wasn't happening, as they didn't truly believe and like themselves inside. So I went and learned, skills and techniques to truly help someone, to help YOU make a positive, exciting change, from the Inside Out. And as I learned, I was challenged to grow and let go of some of my fears and doubts, and value myself more fully. This has helped me immensely to manage things when my neurology condition is not very good, and I know that if you have pressures in your life, it will help you too.

Okay, so it’s a risk to sign up, you have to get a bit vulnerable, and it could be challenging for you. I felt like that just writing this, yet I know it's going to make a difference and that's more important to me than the uncomfortable bit! I can promise you, hundreds of other women and men have worked with me and others in our group programme and we know it works. So if a part of you is saying, go for it… be brave enough and JOIN us. It would be a true pleasure to support YOU.

It does take commitment and consistency. You will have to work through uncomfortable days, yet I totally know this will be worth the struggle. I have worked through so many uncomfortable days, doubting whether it's worth the struggle to change, and maybe easier to stay with your safety nets around you. And you know what, I can honestly say, it's so worth it. I'm happier, lighter, freer in myself, I am growing my courage, taking risks, trying new adventures, food is fun and social, exercise is possible.... I promise if you do the work, you will see and feel real change in your mind and body. And you know what the best bit is? By focusing on YOU for 8 weeks, by making that commitment to yourself, YOU will start to change and grow, and maybe, for the first time you will be able to lift the overwhelm and doubt and feel what you have always wanted, even if just for a moment. And then all the physical and food goals will seem much easier, I promise you, it's the learning and journey of self trust and self worth.

Many of the women and men come to me at a tipping point, feeling super vulnerable and confused, knowing they fundamentally want to shift things. And they do, through their determination and commitment to live differently and confidently.

So many courses try to achieve this, but often overwhelm people with complex methods and strategies that don’t make sense, or are too big a shift to start with. I believe having tested and developed this course over the last 10 years, it will add VALUE to your life, it will be simple, effective and start the ripple effective of change for YOU.

This programme is different because you will start to FEEL and think differently, you will stand a little taller, breathe a little deeper. Your energy will start to improve, your skin and eyes will brighten, your body will start to want to move and become stronger, and you will start to believe in YOU. And I know this because I've tested it, I've done my course first to make sure I believe in it 100%. To make sure it's possible and to know what it feels like to make the changes and daily commitment. And that's the difference I've FELT and been told by clients, and those around me.

It’s a really simple course too, with daily tiny movement, mind-set and nutrition goals that you can integrate into your lifestyle easily. The only thing you have to do when you sign up, is commit to go all in on the course. It’s about 30mins of your time a day for 8 weeks, with one rest day and one day that would benefit from around an hour to allow you to plan for the week ahead.

So if you don’t feel ready for that yet, that’s cool. But I wonder what you need to change or happen to help you start to grow your inner confidence? 

When will you be ready? I think sometimes you just have to take a risk, take a leap and commit. And feel reassured that hundreds of other women and men have felt scared, but taken the risk to start. They are now confident and happy, achieving all the what if's they kept wondering about, and also, most importantly, feeling truly content within themselves.

I’m so excited and vulnerable about putting this course together, but it matters, works and I would love you to join us. It’s been a massive personal journey and professional learning to come to the point that I know this is the right time to give you this course.

I passionately want YOU to join this course and start to learn to like yourself, get out of your own way, and grow your inner confidence. To allow you to do whatever it is you want to do, from walking along the street in your party clothes and feeling good, to climbing a mountain or running a marathon, or perhaps just looking in the mirror and feeling like you are your own best friend, not enemy any more.

So do be brave, sign up, share with a friend and let’s get YOU started with an amazing, supportive group of people around the World.

What will you be doing on the course?

Every week on a Friday evening for 8 weeks you will receive an email with simple, easy tools and tips to help grow your inner core confidence. Each fortnight will have a specific focus so you don't feel overwhelmed. For the first two weeks we will focus on your nutrition, sleep and stress levels, almost like a body MOT, so you can work out which areas would help you feel better most quickly. Often some of these areas are missed out on courses, yet they are KEY to getting long term results and happiness. I am really excited about including this, you will receive PDF's about stress, sleep and nutrition lists, tips and ideas. It is simple to use and adapt into any lifestyle or diet type, but if you have any questions do let me know. There will be some simple movement, breathing and posture tips and goals for the first two week

One you have established a really good wellness base in the first fortnight we build our focus into strength of your body. This will include easy to do homework which require little or no kit, and can be completed within 20mins. They are adaptable for those starting out, right up to those who are looking for a more intense workout. I know this, because I've tested them on a range of my clients and myself. The benefits are from the intensity you put into the session, appropriate to your level of fitness. You will receive simple workout plans that will last you through the winter, combined with some cool body scanning exercises to check in on how you are physically.

Our final two weeks builds on your renewed energy and well being, strength and nutrition with our Inner Core Confidence coaching templates and advice. Every day you will do simple exercises to help you become aware of your mindset and gradually start to change it to something more helpful. At the end of the course I will send you quick and clear coaching tools to help you action and commit to keeping things progressing over the Autumn into Winter. By then, I promise you will feel so much better, you will have new habits and improved, happier, more helpful thoughts and looking forward to an amazing autumn and onwards into 2023

Combined with all of this, there will be a private Facebook group where you can all offer each other support and share things together. Once a week you will have interaction and support from me, with any questions you have and sharing your progress. You will also get motivational quotes, inspiration, a couple of book and podcast recommendations, nothing to overwhelm you, just some really juicy good ones to get you thinking. And finally, if you want to join our monthly support group, have 1:1 coaching or buy any Team Possible kit, you get a special discount during the 8 weeks.

* If you are away with work for a week, or can't start one week because of child care or something takes over, it doesn't matter, the material will be there for you when you are ready. This is a lifestyle commitment and the course is a kick start to making real, life long changes, Inside Out, Mind Body & Soul'

Who is this for?

* Someone who is fed up of not liking the person they are, and wants supportive, effective, simple mind and body plans from an expert, without overwhelm. Plans which can be adapted into family life, training goals and lifestyle, for permanent change.

* People who really want to make a difference and grow their mind and body confidence, strengthen their body, improve skin tone, and become happier and healthier, fitter and stronger, inside out.

* Someone who feels ready and is committed and focused to stick to the plans and do it (with our support). You will need about 30mins per day for mind and body training, and about 20mins for food prep for the day ahead if you are not used to doing this, you will probably get quicker at doing it as the time goes on.

* Someone who is happy to reduce refined sugars, white products, processed foods and drinks, we give you lots of healthy options and they are adaptable. The whole plan is about making simple changes to your nutrition for YOU, so its a lifestyle shift for yourself, to get results, rather than doing a ‘really strict’ month and then reverting to what you were doing before. So if you eat lots of sugars, it will be a reduction, if you eat little, it will be suggesting to cut it out. Equally, if you like beans and pulses eating these, but if not sweet potato and brown pasta will be fine. We will guide you and you can adapt too, it’s about learning and committing, whilst making it work for your lifestyle, family and yourself.

* People who have ‘tried’ so many different things and feel confused about what to do, to just be lighter and feel good

* Someone who wants to stop the excuses and become the best they can right now, and learn to like who they are, feeling strong in mind and body.

Who is this not for?

* Someone who is too busy with life at this point to be able make time to action the exercises over the 4 weeks, remember we will support you to make changes but it's a self led course so you have to be ready to commit to make an impact.

* Someone scared of committing to changing things and not quite ready to begin, almost not liking yourself and yo yo diets etc keep you safe, which is cool, just this plan won't be for you, yet.

* Someone who would like 1:1 coaching and support, as this is a group course, with no 1:1 interaction with the Coach.

What can I expect at the end of 8 weeks?

Some or perhaps even all these results, depending on the time, focus and courage you have, yet the most important thing you will change is how you FEEL and the habits you have started to change. What happens in your life during those 8 weeks and how much you really believe YOU Can do it…..

– You will feel increased energy, brighter eyes & skin, helping you to do the things you want to do, and feel more energised, happy and confident.

– A start to really commit and improve your body confidence and self worth, which is so exciting, as you will start to realise what is possible when you truly value who you are. This course will start you on a journey to make a real difference and grow your inner core confidence and strength and break free from the mental struggle internally.

– Your body will feel stronger, lighter if you wish, and happier, filled with good energy and habits to help you exercise and move effectively without using up too much time. Leaving you time to create action around your bigger life goals and dreams. Your body will be able to do things perhaps you never thought possible, and in doing so you will become more toned and strong, for example if you want to do press up's you can :-)

– We find most people's sleep starts to improve, their mind is more peaceful and overall their wellbeing and mood improves, allowing you to feel good and develop clarity on what you might like to achieve for the second half of the year.

– If you want to become lighter and lose a few inches people do, in a happy, easy way with new habits and commitment to a healthy, happy life that is integrated into your lifestyle. So it's not a crazy strict diet and plan, it's more about learning to become your own detective and making smart choices that suit you, as we are all different.

– Just overall a huge feeling of well being, a sense of achievement, commitment, team support, enjoyment and excitement for what is possible.

Success Stories from previous courses around the World :-)

"I have followed past diet plans and failed on the first day 🙈 But already in a few days I'm eager / excited to see what the next day / challenges are, so i just want to say thank you because for once something has clicked and it doesn't feel like a chore! It feels like a fun inspiring challenge to be the best me I can be, and i love that it's helping my mind as well as body, thank you' Caroline, Australia

'I loved this course, simple and easy to do with a 1 & 3yr old and working full time. I lost 7" overall and got my partner doing it, and he's lost 3/4 of stone and enjoying it! The best bit though is I'm happier in myself and I've never had this before, I like how you help us. I've now got the whole extended family doing it, because it's easy and it works...thank you Kim', Simone, Bristol

'Kim Ingleby!! I have YOU to thank, for pointing out the simple but effective changes I've made in the last few weeks I feel happier!!! And I lost inches, training better and eating properly and found myself preparing lunches for the next day as part of a normal routine (most unlike me), but now I have to take back an outfit I bought yesterday only to buy the next size down (12)!!! And 100% I am happier in myself, which is a miracle. Thank you!!' Jenny, London

'Struggled a bit to start with as I was away from home for a week or so and then ill for a few days. However, I'm so pleased with the changes I have made. They feel quite small but seem to be making a difference. Firstly, nutrition-wise, I already eat a pretty healthy diet - however I felt that I wasn't in control of my weight and wasn't sure why & was a big overwhelmed with life. Amazingly over the last few weeks I have lost 2kg, I think but it wasn't about that focus, as I have more energy, brighter skin & a calmer mind. I have learned to listen to my body, reduced my portion sizes and stopped going for seconds, whilst still enjoying my food, yay!  And with the drinking water thing - a massive difference for me! Exercise-wise, I wasn't able to stick with the plan with a busy life, but I committed to moving every day like you suggested and I can definitely feel the difference. In terms of what I have learned about myself, this is most important, it's to be more patient with myself and not dismiss small changes - that they can really add up to a big difference which help me feel good about myself. Thank YOU Kim!' Fanny, France

'Body fat not weight, energy not restriction, I have learned makes a big difference. My skin has improved vastly. I used to be very spotty and prone to blackheads even at the ripe old age of 41. The skin around my nose and chin used to be constantly red. Once I came off the sugar and cut out the caffeine all of a sudden the redness has disappeared and no breakouts (this reoccurred when I had all that cake and buffet lunch and the redness and breakout were back immediately). I still struggle with portion sizes (as it seems a lot!!), but have got it under control for meat and carbs. Veg I don't mind now! Buying the infuser bottle was the best £5 ever spent and I like cucumber and lime, may try strawberry and lime next. I am coping with stress a lot better now, even though I am currently going through an emotionally draining period and know how to relax better.  I am sure there is tons more that I've learned but this springs to mind immediately. I'll just using this course because I like it, so much good content and support.  I'll probably just repeat the 2 weeks on endless loop because I like structure and it makes my life easy...and I'm starting to feel happier, thank you Kim, best course, totally recommend.'

Christine, UK

* Body positive and self talk growth, improved from an average of 3/10 to 7/10, yippee!!! 

* Average lighter and more energised bodies all round, with 2-4kg and 2″  when 85% of the plan followed

* Energy Increased by 65% and feel good thoughts

* Quality of rest and sleep improved by 38%

* Decision making and commitment to goals went up by 80% with the group support! 

The Value of the Course is over £1,000 and 

YOU can get all of this for a magical £388 by signing up today!!

We are flexible to make it work for you and can offer payment plans, if required, please email to discuss and make it possible.

Important: If your PayPal payment email address is different to the email you would like your course content to go to please send us a message at If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer email us for bank details at

You will receive an email confirming your booking within 24hrs and your first course email will appear in your inbox on the Sunday before the course starts. If you have any questions please do email

It would be a true pleasure if you would like to join our supportive, nurturing, growth group this Summer and help you grow your Inner Confidence & Feel Good, wherever you are in the World.  

Kim is an International Award Winning Personal Trainer & Mindset Coach, with a passion to help every body grow their inner confidence and self worth, to feel happier, healthier and full of energy. She has over 20 years experience working with people all over the World and would love you to join this course and start your journey today, to let go of your fears and self sabotage and start to feel, look and become the person you keep wishing you could, and know you CAN become today. Jump on and join us.

Watch her TEDx Talk & buy her little book - 52 Tips to Help you Feel Good.

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Inner Confidence Fit Club

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