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What are you going to do with your wild and precious life? 

I love this quote, yet sometimes that's exactly where we get stuck.  Stuck in the overwhelm of life decisions, ideas, direction and overall confidence in what is 'right'.   Sometimes it is to do with career, sometimes sports and often a combination of health, family, love, work, wealth, adventures, happiness, learning and everything in the middle.  But who do you turn to for support?  Family and friends are a good sounding board but rarely the right people to help overall, as they are too close to the problem to give impartial advice to enable you to find a solution. 

That's where our Empower Life Coaching comes in, designed over 20 years combining all our coaching skills to offer you a comprehensive, exciting package to help you Make your Life Brilliant, reduce overwhelm, prioritise and action things, with support and accountability.  We have worked with people all over the World, from CEO's to college students, media personalities to parents and everyone in between.  There is no right or wrong decision, yet it's our passion to help you open up your path and move forwards with flow. 

Coaching can help you gain clarity and purpose by over 75% in independent studies with the International Coaching Federation, whilst also giving an 86% increase in contentment in life, wealth and progression. 

If you have been struggling to find the right solution we give you proven tools, support and knowledge to help you start to grow your inner confidence. It's a life enhancing, exciting and challenging programme which has been developed over 15 years and get's results.

So however overwhelmed or excited you feel about a goal or where you are in your life right now, we would love to have a FREE complimentary chat, find out more and see if we are the best fit to help YOU ind the flow and focus. 

We combine all International business mindset tools, life coaching, NLP and wellness knowledge we have, to give you the skills and empathy, accountability and action to help you make things happen. 

As a highly focused entrepreneur, I was working..working..and working. There was no room in my life to figure out what to do next, how to relax, how to focus on my health, or have any type of clarity around my next business moves.  Kim worked with me over a month and got me to focus on creating some great habits and daily actions - 3 months on these habits are still part of my daily routine - and they have given me the space I needed to create and start actioning my bigger business plan.  More importantly - I couldn't see how I could ever maintain optimum health and longevity - I was driving myself into burnout fast. As a result of working with Kim, I am relaxed, loving love, loving business and so excited for my next moves. Thanks Kim.' Claire J 

Award Winning Empower Coaching Formula:

This Formula is a Proven System to Empower you to find clarity and take action: 

Is this for you?

* You have tried to work things out yourself but still confused by what to do?
* Do you feel constantly overwhelmed and stressed by everything?
* Do you have a little voice in your head that always sabotages what you are trying to achieve?
* Do you have an exciting big goal and dream you would like to make happen, but don't believe or know if you could? 
* Would you like to earn more, work less and enjoy your life? 
* Have you dreamed of starting something new, or changing something but not quite brave enough? 
* Would you just like a sounding board, some support and accountability? 

If you have answered even a couple of these questions we can help you, pop us an email to have a free consultation

'I met Kim about 6 years ago and I have always been inspired by her. When I needed to work on me, on the mental strength stuff and the planning and coping with my hectic life and overwhelm she was always the natural and first choice, my "go to" coach. Calming, super professional she is challenging yet calmly reassuring. I have had many light bulb moments, and I am thankful for everything I have achieved since working with Kim. I have recommended a number of people to Kim - she's always the one I know can help support you through change and getting unstuck. I'd highly recommend.' Linda DC

What you will gain?
A sense of clarity, purpose and passion, action and results plus....
* Challenges, confidence, courage, tools and skills to make changes
* Simple daily actions and accountability tools 
* Sleep knowledge, tips and advice for optimal wellness 
* Energy, hormone balance, well being tips to avoid burnout
* Work Life Balance Audits and Updates
* Achieving Goals and feeling Good
* Body and Mind Confidence Growth
* Strategies to let go of limitations , excuses and fear
* Well being, contentment and future plans
* Fun, support and enjoyment* Goodies and Team Kit :-)

To Achieve your Empower Coaching Starting Point Contact us Today for a Consultation to see if it's for you.

Our Life Enhancing Programmes run for 3 - 9 months allowing you achieve permanent, life enhancing results.

'What can I say; Kim is extraordinary. She holds that rare and enviable combination of confidence, competence and humility. As the presentation coach for TEDxBristol I had the privilege to stand alongside Kim in preparation for her talk; suffice it to say she delivered a powerful, moving and inspirational message. If Kim puts as much of her contagious energy and drive into all her enterprises as she did into her TEDxBristol talk, and I am confident that she does, I couldn’t recommend Kim highly enough for every aspect of her work. You would be wise to book her to help you.' Samuel 

Our Empower Life Enhancing Programmes are available online around the World via Skype coaching and in person in Bristol, UK and by request in other locations.

VIP Boost: 1 Month - perfect for a specific short term event, enhancing your confidence and focus to be your best - think interviews, presentations, putting on a specific event, completing a goal, or just some accountability and support. 

VIP Impact: 3 Months - our most popular programme, works really well to remove overwhelm and become clear on what you want to achieve in the following few months of your life.  It gives us the time to really make some long term changes to your habits and thoughts, and remove any self sabotage and internal dialogue to you action your goals and complete. We often blend lifestyle coaching, well-being and nutrition awareness. This is perfect for new business focus, life goal, special event or just to give yourself support and advice to make things happen. 

VIP Empower & Transform : 6 - 9 Months: reserved for those people ready to invest time and energy on personal development, coaching exercises and really add value to their life, for the rest of their life. This programme is fully immersive, exciting and transforming, blending all our skills into a personalised package tailored to your vision and outcome.

Inside Out Breakthrough Day or Weekend - some of our clients prefer to fly into Bristol for 1-2 days and do intensive coaching together. This works really well blended with any of our VIP programmes and we we ask all out clients to do the Boost month with this for maximum support and results. These days are perfect if you just feel ready to go for it, you are at tipping point and need maximum support, or you just want to come and really focus 100% on a Master Plan to  deliver your complete best life. Advanced NLP, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy skills will be used to facilitate change quickly and easily. This day is truly exciting and rewarding. 

Group Coaching & On Line Support is available with our Make your Life Brilliant Mentoring & Gain the Edge Workshops. Please visit here to find out more.

Investment – starting from £249 after free consultation only to make sure we are the right fit for you, and you are ready to make it happen. We are flexible to make it work for you and can offer payment plans, if required, please email to discuss and make it possible.

Make Your Life Brilliant 2019 Mentoring, led by Triple Award Winning Coach, Kim Ingleby

12 Month VIP Mentoring Programme starts 5th January through to 18th December 2019

For more information and to Sign Up click here Make 2019 Brilliant Mentoring

'Global trainer, Exceptional Sports professional, businesswoman, NLP lead, inspiring speaker and motivator, Kim stands out as the very best in not just her field but in so many complementary fields. She leads by personal example and can build mental and physical strength and delivers success in anyone to make them a winner in their chosen field and in their life. I have worked with her for over 10 years and during that time she has encouraged me to be the best in fitness, health, mental strength and in my business. I have achieved goals which I would not have achieved without her skills, I cannot recommend her more highly. Kalpna W

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