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**IMPORTANT Coronavirus update - we are slowly opening up for in person appointments, contact Kim and Gail directly for availability**

**Highly Recommended - FHT Client Excellence in Service Awards for Sports Therapy & Coaching ** 

Book us Today to Reduce your Risk of Injury, Improve your Performance, Get rid of Niggles and Race your Best. Based in Bristol, travel by request for treatments with Sports Teams, Tours and Events work. Contact us today.

"Each time I have a treatment with Kim I am continually impressed with her level of knowledge, especially in human physiology. She’s not only able to tell me what to do to help myself, but also the intricacies of why I am doing it. I cannot recommend her enough whether you need treatment for sporting ailments or to improve performance, absolutely superb service and I have tried many people!”  Bath & England Rugby Player 

Our Sports Therapy Team are fully trained, qualified and insured to help keep your body in optimal condition for sports performance, aiming to reduce the risk of injury and enhance recovery and repair. We regularly update our knowledge to offer you the best treatment, and are registered with the Sports Massage Association and Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Common injuries we treat include....

  • Various forms of Shin Splints & Plantar Fascial problems
  • Runners Knee and ligament problems
  • ITB Pain, Hip flexor and pelvic tightness
  • Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder and mobiility problems
  • Regular Cramps, aches and niggles
  • Impact injuries (rugby, cycling etc)
  • Tendonitis & Achilles Problems
  • Chronic Back & Postural Problems
  • Biomechanical Problems
  • And many more……..

Our treatments offer....

  • Advanced, effective, appropriate deep sports massage
  • Myofasical release, soft tissue release and trigger point work 
  • Myofascial Dry Cupping treatments
  • Advanced PNF stretching & neuro - muscular release 
  • Comprehensive advice and explanation of injury
  • Specific rehabilitation programmes for your injury and post operative care 
  • Biomechanical assessment & specific exercises to enhance performance 
  • Kinesiology Taping for prevention & treatment of sporting injuries

We work closely with an expert team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports surgeons, sports, yoga etc to offer you the best solution for your needs to allow you to compete at your best, limit the risk of injury and get you back into sport quickly if you do get a niggle.

"Kim is an essential and invaluable member of the Great Britain sports therapy support team and has been for many World Championships (since 2006). She will always be highly in demand for all future trips, not only because of the esteem in which she is held by the athletes but because she offers skills and therapies far in excess of the basic requirement. 

She provides the athletes with access to unique additional services combining physical and mental performance coaching with NLP & Mental Strength Group and 1;1 sessions. I believe Kim is pioneering these sessions and working to get them incorporated into mainstream support services for major sporting events with results that speak for themselves. Kim really is at the forefront of delivering triathlon-specific support at major championships and I specifically request her to be included in my support team to work with our top Age Group athletes …...” Malcolm Westwood – British Triathlon Team Manager

Session Availability:

Head Therapist Kim Ingleby - by request, waiting list

Contact Kim on 07720 845849 or email

EP Therapist Gail White: Tuesday 6.15pm - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 1pm

Various day time appointments are available outside of these times and Sunday's by request.

Contact Gail on 07818404426 or email

In Person Appointments, please note CV19 protocols in place as best practise and duty of care to all

Head Therapist: 45 mins - £65, 25 mins - £35 - competition blocks by request

Energised Therapist: 45 mins - £45, 25 mins - £25, Online 30 mins - £25 : pre competition blocks by request

Myofascial Dry Cupping Treatments: 30 mins - £30, not currently available

Kinesology Taping only session: 15 mins - £10

Travel will be charged outside of Bristol Clinic.

Please note payment is currently by bank transfer only and 24hrs cancellation notice required or full payment will be charged

"Gail and the Event Massage Team are just brilliant, and one of the first things we book every year for the Great Weston Ride! A real asset that genuinely adds value to the event, and hugely appreciated by lots of weary cyclists! Tremendous feedback too from lots of grateful riders" Darren McKimm, Great Weston Bike Ride Organiser

The Energised Sports Massage Team regularly work at events throughout the summer including:

Great Weston Ride & Great Exmoor Ride

ITU & ETU World Championships

Top of the Gorge Festival

Ironman Races

If you would like our team to work at your event contact Gail on 07818404426 or email

" With my work I am depending on my body and mind to always deliver it's best which means exercise, healthy diet and maintenance. Thank you Kim! You have helped me make it possible to give it 100% every time and feel fantastic." Camilla Dallerup

Sports massage is reported by athletes to improve the following...

  • Enhance competition performance
  • Improve every day training results
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve the muscle tone & condition
  • Reduce the risk of injury & muscle tension
  • Improve posture and reduce back pain
  • Aid in increasing flexibility combined with PNF stretching
  • Promote healthy circulation and overall well being
  • Be beneficial 1-2 per month during training

We will work with each athlete to offer you the best treatment programme for your racing season - we recommend a regular fortnightly or monthly session depending on your goals and training volume. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. For rehabilitation on average we find 4-6 sessions is required to gain good benefit.

We look forward to helping you have your best racing season yet, improve your posture, reduce your back pain ... however we can help just ask us.   

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