Claire Lewin

I have helped Kim with the EP books for.... years and have loved watching the business grow.

Kim is probably my best client and favourite one to visit !

I first got to know Kim through my sports massage and have seen her every month since (to collect the books and for a massage that keeps me running!!)

My favourite training runs are around the Bristol Downs on a crisp autumn morning and around the country lanes from my parents farm in Oxfordshire - it is always good "head space" !

What ever the distance, I love to run.... 3 miles, a 10K or further.... everyone enjoyable.

I have completed 8 marathons with Kim's support. I think Paris marathon in 2015 is my favourite so far, it was a lovely sunny spring morning through the streets and parks of Paris and along the River Seine - a beautiful city. I would like to run two more marathons to make it a round 10 - and with Kim's expertise I know I will.

Thanks Kim !!