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Is it worth it?

Personally the DNA Test results have 100% enhanced my performance, well-being and smart eating. As a Coach, Nutritional Therapist and NLP Master Practioner I was getting good results, but felt something was missing, especially after contracting Weils Disease, with post viral encephalitis. The DNA Test for me has been invaluable in returning to optimal health, managing my condition and allowing quality rest and performance. Since using the DNA results I have achieved a PB in the marathon by 13 minutes, based on two runs a week, and more rest. I have also placed in British Fitness Model Category. My smart supplementing I have reduced my injury tendencies and changed my nutrition to suit my profile, for me it really helps give you the edge.

Professionally it has been exciting and rewarding to work with clients who take the DNA test, as we can personalise and train them smart, getting great results without guessing which nutrition profile may suit them best. I have had clients who are eating low carb, and following the DNA tests we have changed to Mediterranean diets, increased recovery time and increased intensity, but reduced duration of exercise. The results have been astounding and relatively quick. I have had Team GB athletes, Strictly Come Dancing Pro's, CEO's as well as GP referrals, body dsmorphia and recurring injured or ill people benefit from the tests, it's useful for anyone really and something I find truly exciting to offer.

We can also offer full blood testing and food intolerance testing also for those people with specific conditions such as IBS, hormone problems, ceoliac and other long term conditions which may benefit from a bigger picture result. I work closely with the science labs and experts for results and advice, combining this with my training with the organisations. So you rest assured you are being looked after by a key team.

What happens when you book?

The test is an investment, but the DNA is a one off. So I truly believe it's worth it. Once ordering the kit, we will get it sent directly to your home, where you take a swab and post it recorded back to the address given. The results return to the Coaches portal, where we interpret with the DNA fit team, in line with your consultation form information and goals. Following this, if you choose, we will have booked a skype or in person consultation to go through the results and advice what steps to change first.

Ask us any questions, please just pop an email to kim@energisedperformance.com

DNA & Blood Testing:

Contact us to discuss your personal requirements, Kits and Consults start from around £250
For personalised bloods and food intolerance please contact us
For blood testing 8% saving click HERE

We are flexible to make it work for you and can offer payment plans, if required, please email to discuss and make it possible.

As qualified DNA Consultants we will price match any offer you find, order you kit and look after the whole process for you. Plus you will receive a special priced consultation, just email (kim@energisedperformance.com) with your price match to get booked in!

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To read my interview about my success in the fitness industry and how I'm using DNAFit with my clients click here: get.dnafitpro.com/ kim-ingleby-interview

To find out more about DNAFit click here: www.dnafit.com/who-we-are/

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