Polar Heart Rate Monitors: Save 14 - 35%

At Energised Performance, we really value the advocate of training with Heart Rate Monitors. We are pleased to be chosen by Polar, the leading brand of Heart Rate Monitors to supply and stock their range.

All the watches we have chosen are compatible with their website, allowing you to download the data in a clear, effective and simple way. We have tested the HR monitors at numerous races, triathlon's & Survival of the Fittest - the watches have all survived the tests and recorded all the data! 

To view the whole range, and the watches before making your order click here: www.polarelectro.co.uk and check out this link for all your on the move data: www.polar.fi/beat

Some of our Recommendations, but the whole range is great so check out what you think would work for you best, and any questions let us know. We are happy to advice.

Fitness & Cross Training...


For those who want to know if they are improving fitness, or burning fat.

*Energy pointer shows when you are training is more effective for fitness improving or fat burning

* OwnCal* displays calories burned

* Keeps on track of your weekly training

Add on: Data Flow Link to download your sessions - see below

Price: £93.50

Colours: Red with silver strip. Black with green gold strip (slightly smaller watches in size)

Black with red strip. Black with silver strip (standard size)


For those active exercises who want clear guidance & to monitor their fitness levels.

* Same as the FT7 but includes the Fitness Test addition, which measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress.

Add on: Data Flow Link
Colours: White, Black with red detail on the screen, All Black

Other recommended watches in the range: FT60 & FT80

Running & Triathlon...


For recreational athletes who require all essential heart rate training and timing features.

* Help you train at the right intensity with personal sports zones

* Fitness Test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress

* OwnCal Displays calories burned

* Changes with comfortable textile transmitter and cooled heart rate transmission
Add on: Flow Datalink

Colours: Red with black stripe or Black with silver stripe


For triathletes, runners, cyclists and endurance athletes who want to optimise their training.

* Compatible with G5 GPS (20hrs battery)

* Zone Optimizer adjusts your heart rate zones, making every session more effective

* Sports Profile gaurantee swift switfh between different sports

* Improves performance with endurance training programmes, downloadable from polarpersonaltrainer.com

* Gives Heart Rate even in water

* Race pace helps control speed to reach target time
Colours: Red or Black

Additional Requirements:

Data Flowlink

With Polar Flow Link, you can transfer your trianing files to your online training diary at polarpersonaltrainer.com

Compatible with: FT7, FT40, RX300X

With thanks to Polar for the information on the watches

Photograph (c) Polar Electro

Team Energised save at least 14% & we will price match nearly any deal you can find plus free advice.

Orders will arrive within a week with signed for postage or collection from Bristol EP HQ or at an Energised Event.

To order your Polar Watch please email us: info@energisedperformance.com or call 07720 845849. 

Payment will be by BACS Transfer, cheque or Paypal - please allow 7-10 working days on receipt of payment. 

Postage is FREE in the UK. Postage will be charged for Europe & to anywhere else in the World.

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