Simone Counsell, Energised Client

I have been seeing Kim for nearly 10 years and cannot describe the help she has given me- she always knows exactly what I need before I do !! After completing 21 day fit bod I feel amazing my food has changed and feel great even my husband has adapted would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Kim xxxx

Claire M, Energised Client

Literally life-changing support and advice. I would never have survived the past 8 months with my sanity intact without the support of the amazing kimpossible. All the work she and I did together before the 'storm' hit my life made coping easier, and I have learned so much is it really fantastic. Kim is kind, supportive, motivational, inspirational, encouraging and truly professional.

Hayley Coles, Energised Client

Kim's coaching, help and support has been invaluable. She has such breadth and depth of knowledge of so many areas which enables her to tailor the sessions to your needs. Her advice and ability to be understanding, non-judgmental, professional and achieve great results is highly commendable. I love my sessions with Kim, thank you!

Ken Dick, Energised Client

I've been working with Kim now through an online goal setting course and recently attended the #make2017brilliant workshop in Bristol which was an excellent day. A lot of thought had clearly gone into the workshop which took place in an excellent environment full of positive energy and support from Kim and the group. The activities and handouts were relevant to all areas of life and have given me a lot of great things to think about for the year ahead. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim and Energised Performance as a coach and mentor.

Russell Dominey, Energised Client

I have been training with Kim at Energised Performance for over 5 years now. Before this I would never of considered completing any 10K runs or endurance races such as Judgement Days. Kim provide excellent coaching to suit your needs and installs a positive attitude to all her classes from bootcamps to small group sessions. The positive energy along with a lovely group of people make the session enjoyable leaving you feeling 'energised' at the end of it (even if you are a little tired!).

I would thoroughly recommend Energised Performance to all.

Sophie Hanson, Pinc Marketing

I recently attended a Yoga Nidra session ran by Kim and it was the perfect answer to quietening my mind at the end of the working week. Kim's soothing voice was perfect for the guided meditation and it was interesting learning more about the practice and the amazing benefits of Yoga Nidra. If you are looking for deep body and mind relaxation this is what you need!

Dan Ward Smith - Ex Premier League Rugby Player & Coach

Working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences of my career. I have found Kim to be dedicated, professional and above all know's her stuff inside out. Kim has provided me with a range of tools made me a much better and more consistent player, & now I adapt these skills into my coaching. After working with Kim I feel more confident, focussed and I've set myself new targets I previously felt were beyond me..... You could say I know how to gain the edge!

Augustine Dillard, Energised Client

I have done a few workshops and trainings with Kim since January and it has been great! Big support, great advice, lots of recommendations!
The "Make 2016 Brilliant" workshop in January helped me set my goals for the year and encouraged me to always work towards them. The Fit Bod course in April allowed me to eat better and have a structured and meaningful meal plan. I discovered new ways of cooking, new food and how to eat the right proportions. My body and mind feel a lot better so I have continued the plan. Thank you Kim for your advice and guidance!

Claire Malleson, Energised Client

I've worked with Kim for seven years, and over this time I've learned more than I could ever have imagined. I have achieved things I did not think possible. Kim is supporting and encouraging, motivating and inspiring, open, vulnerable, honest and really the best coach anyone could hope to find! The energy and trust in the online 'team' is very special, and in 2020 Kim responded rapidly to the ever-changing situation, providing really carefully tailored support for us, adapting the way she worked with us all.

Daz Parker International Stunt Woman & Professional Athlete

Kim has helped me achieve the impossible - to show me that I can do anything that I set out to do. Even the biggest dreams were made to look accessible and doable with her positive, outgoing personality which helped me push forward, taking what was in my head to actually physically achieving it.

Philippa Cox, Energised Client

Kim has helped me to prepare, both mentally and physically for a long distance endurance cycle trip. She has provided great support to overcome some of the fears and barriers as well as some great practical advice for the trip itself. Kim has a huge wealth of experience in the mind and body preparation that provides comfort and strength for any challenge. A huge shout out of thanks for her support.

Nikki Chamberlain, Energised Client

I have been working with Kim for 4 years and during that time she has helped me transform my life! Not only has she supported me through my growth as a runner in my step up to ultra distance and my journey to the WMM 6 Star medal but most significantly she has gently guided me in leaving behind a very unhappy and unfulfilled work environment to having the courage to retrain in something completely new and start about setting up my own little business. Everything is done at your pace but with a firm hand when she knows you are ready and just need that push to take the leap.

Kim comes with my highest recommendation as a coach; her depth of experience, breadth of knowledge, openness, energy and sheer enthusiasm for what she does, ensures every person gets the best of her and that whatever challenge you are facing she will rise up to support you and help you grow.

Annette Burgess, Energised Client

Kim has been invaluable in my search to find someone who can help with the never-ending juggling of work, family, adventures and life! She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and very much my very own personal cheerleader.

What never ceases to amaze me is that she has a knack for knowing when and what questions to ask and to indeed keep asking the same question in order to really dig deep.

If you are looking for someone to confide in, learn about yourself and receive tailored personal aspirations then look no further, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Kim.

Alice Hickson, Energised Client

I have been working with Kim for a few years now and I don’t think there’s anything she hasn’t helped with. Kim has helped with my goals in sport but also in life and has helped me navigate through many challenges. Working with Kim I feel understood and heard. Kim makes me feel comfortable and supported, and I couldn’t wish for a better coach. I look forward to continuing our work and cannot recommend Kim enough.

Simone Williams, Energised Client

I have worked with Kim for the last 20 years!! I cannot believe it, but she has always been a great support and gives me the tools to progress. She knows me so well now and knows what I need to do before I do. I would recommend her to anyone, she is an inspiration, caring and sincere with a mon full of knowledge.

Katerina Tanti, Energised Client

I had the DNAFit Test with Kim and I was super impressed with how professional she was, her knowledge and her positive energy!! I found the tests very useful and made some changed to my diet and way I trained which really benefited me!! I couldn't recommend Kim enough!! She is brilliant!!!

Ken Dick, Energised Client

2021 will be the third year I have worked with Kim through her mentoring program so working more on the mind but touching regularly on how this interacts with the body. The growth I've experienced in each of the years working with Kim has been incredible and this is entirely down to Kim's ability to ask the right question at the right time and the range of skills that she has to interpret the answer and move you further along the right path.

Bart Kamya, Energised Client

I've been working with Kim for almost 2 years now. We've been mainly focusing on mental aspects of performing to ones potential through sports. Specifically, I've been focusing on the mental aspects of preparing for and competing in Ironman triathlons! Kim has been a fantastic mentor who really understands the individual needs of her clients and how to get the best from them! I'm truly thankful for the insights that Kim has provided during our time working together. I would highly recommend her as a life coach whose knowledge of performance in sport is second to none!

Sophie Whitworth GB Triathlete & Ironman Kona

Over the past 5 seasons I have worked with Kim using her Mental Strength Coaching System as a massive part of my build up to my Triathlon season and in particular the ITU World Age Group Championships (Gold) and the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii. Through Kim and the training I have learnt how to focus my energy many weeks in advance of a major competition and not to waste time worrying about things I can't control. Kim manages to turn my limiting beliefs into real positives so on race day the pressure I feel really diminishes and my confidence to perform to the best of my ability is hugely heightened. Totally in the zone, I have always met my goals working with Kim!

Richard Cole, Energised Client

I have no hesitation recommending Energised Performance and in particular Kim Ingleby. Kim and her team have a remarkable talent of supporting and inspiring clients to achieve their potential, reach their goals and get the results they want. I have always found that Kim has a colossal amount of knowledge around fitness, physiology and coaching and is a real professional in the way that she works.

Jane McKimm, Energised Client

By seeing Gail for a regular massage I am keeping my muscles in much better shape than they have been for years and I have had far fewer episodes of severe tightness or strains. On the occasions that I have had trouble she has been there to sort me out and get me on the move again. I would recommend her to anyone. Gail, you are amazing and you make me feel great! Thank you.

Helen Kershaw, Energised Client

I recently ran the London Marathon at the age of 66 having started running rather intermittently in my mid 50's and never having run more than 5-10 K before. Kim provided a training plan that accommodated not only my age and inexperience but also a 3 week holiday in Chile at a time when most people were reaching a training peak! She combined a knowledgeable, professional approach with endless enthusiasm and encouragement and included detailed monitoring of nutrition and regular review of the inevitable fluctuations in confidence and performance. I trusted her plan and followed it to the letter and as a result had a fantastic day,enjoyed every moment,achieved a good for age time and recovered quickly and with no lasting damage!
Her wise advice was with me every mile of that amazing 26.2 mile day.Thank you Kim x

Darren McKimm, Great Weston Bike Ride Organiser

The Event Massage Team is simply the BEST - really great asset to have at the end of the Great Weston Ride, and hugely appreciated by some very weary cyclists! Always great feedback from our riders, & a pleasure to work with. One of the first things we book each year! :)

Helen Russell, Energised Client

I would definitely recommend Kim and Energised Performance. I have been working with Kim since about 2010. She helped me overcome my nerves and fears whilst competing for the Team GB Age Group triathlon and duathlon team and helped me become mentally strong enough to achieve my sporting aims. However, Kim is much more than a sports coach, as she also helped me have the courage to make the life changing decision to leave full time work and study a Masters in Germany, which led to many adventures and new opportunities opening up for me. I continue to use the mental strength tools she has given me in my quadrathlon competitions but also in my professional life and whilst standing to be an MP in the 2019 General Election! Kim has helped me have the confidence to say "Yes" to new adventures, even when they seem daunting.

Helen Russell, Energised Client

During the lockdowns I have joined in with Kim's Yoga Nidra Zoom sessions to help me relax, develop goals and continue to grow. I have never tried this Yoga before but am really enjoying it and would recommend giving one of Kim's sessions a go.

Becks Palou, Energised Client

Gail "Magic fingers" White: has got me from extreme pain sprained ankle to mobile and looking-like-a-foot again ankle.

She's professional, knowledgeable and flexible, which is ideal when you're not able to move much. Fully recommended.