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Would you like to feel more confident in your body, let go of self sabotage and gradually begin to shine, inside and out? 
1 in 4 people don't feel happy with their body and it's my personal vision to help as many people as I can learn to love your body and feel happy in your mind.  It doesn't happen overnight, but it can 100% happen.   

If you have been struggling to find the right solution we give you proven tools, support and knowledge to help you start to grow your inner confidence. It's a life enhancing, exciting and challenging programme which has been developed over 15 years and get's results. 

So however stuck you feel, whatever shape or size you are, age, gender or background we would love to have a FREE complimentary chat, find out more and see if we are the best fit to help YOU feel positive in yourself. 

We combine all our fitness, hormones, stress and life adventures, nutrition, mindset NLP and coaching knowledge we have, to give you the skills and empathy to help you begin to love the person you are, and FEEL FIT in Mind & Body, Inside Out - it would be our privilege to support you make this happen. 

"Working with Energised Performance truly has changed my life and self confidence. Kim's holistic Inside Out Programme has helped me to change the way I think, influencing all areas of my life from fitness and nutrition, to my career and relationship, and therefore the way I live & the person I am! I know I would not have achieved most of the things I have if I had not invested in this programme as I would have stopped myself. I would recommend her 100% even if you are unsure about signing up. She will tell you if you are ready and support you fully, don't be scared like I was, it's great!!." Marie 

Award Winning Body Confidence Formula:

This Formula is a Proven System that will help you Feel Fitter, Stronger and More Confident - Inside & Out.

Is this for you?

* You have tried all sorts of diets but nothing really works?
* Do you look in the mirror, struggle with your body image and lack confidence?
* Do you have a little voice in your head that always sabotages what you are trying to achieve?
* You know how to get fitter, but still keep loping in a cycle of weight loss, gain and not feeling happy?
* Getting, married, changing jobs, moving house, all got too much?
* Poor sleep, feeling burned out, stressed, overcome with life?
* Always doubting yourself, and questioning if you are good enough?
If you have answered even a couple of these questions we can help you, pop us an email to have a free consultation 

"Kim is one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable, positive ladies I have ever met. She has helped me believe that anything is possible and I also think that my thirties have been such a joy because of all of Kim's mentoring, both mentally and physically in the last year. Thank you so much for everything, looking forward to achieving more in my life in my 40's with confidence. " Susan 

What you will gain? 
A self acceptance and respect for yourself, a quiet, happy mind and strong, spirited body along with.... 

* Challenges, confidence, courage, tools and skills to make changes
* Nutrition advice, self detection tools and recommendations 
* Sleep knowledge, tips and advice
* Energy, hormone balance, well being and performance
* Fitness and movement that you enjoy and find fun
* Achieving Goals and feeling Good
* Body and Mind Confidence
* Strategies to let go of limitations , excuses and fear
* Well being, contentment and future plans
* Fun, support and enjoyment
* Goodies and Team Kit :-)

To Achieve BODY CONFIDENCE, INSIDE & OUT Contact us Today for a Consultation to see if it's for you.

Our Body Confidence Programmes run for 3 - 9 months allowing you achieve permanent, life enhancing results.

"I have trained with Kim for years and always feel supported, advised, and inspired, which is some feat as I have multiple chronic medical conditions. However, I can honestly say all we have done together makes such a difference and I feel fabulous - in a balanced, appropriate way, learning to listen to my body and mind positively.  I would recommend Kim highly if you would like support to get rid of self sabotage and feel confident in yourself. It's worth the investment in every sense. Thank you'  Gail 

The Proven Inside Out Fitness & Body Confidence Formula is only available with Our Leading Confidence Expert & Head Coach Kim Ingleby. Kim has gone from the depths of self sabotage and doubts, feeling truly uncomfortable in her body and hating her face, to impostor syndrome to gradually learning the huge power of self love, acceptance and strength. She would love to help you on your journey to find your Inner Spark and light it. 

Our Body Confidence Programmes are available online around the World via Skype coaching and in person in Bristol, UK and by request in other locations. 

VIP Boost: 1 Month - perfect for a specific short term event, enhancing your confidence to be your best - think interviews, presentations, social gatherings or just a boost within yourself. 
VIP Impact: 3 Months - our most popular programme, works really well for a specific event, giving us the time to really make some long term changes to your habits and thoughts, and remove any self sabotage and internal dialogue. We often blend lifestyle coaching, well-being and nutrition awareness.  This is perfect for a wedding, important speech or career progression, special party or just to give yourself time to start to like the person you are. 
VIP Empower & Transform : 6 - 9 Months: reserved for those people ready to invest time and energy on personal development, coaching exercises and really add value to their life, for the rest of their life.  This programme is fully immersive, exciting and transforming, blending all our skills into a personalised package tailored to your vision and outcome.  

Inside Out Breakthrough Day or Weekend - some of our clients prefer to fly into Bristol for 1-2 days and do intensive coaching together. This works really well blended with any of our VIP programmes and we we ask all out clients to do the Boost month with this for maximum support and results.  These days are perfect if you just feel ready to go for it, you are at tipping point and need maximum support, or you have a key media, show or competition where you want to give you complete best. Advanced NLP, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy skills will be used to facilitate change quickly and easily. 

Group Coaching & On Line Support is available with our Monthly Confidence Fit Club, Make your Life Brilliant Mentoring & Gain the Edge Workshops. Please visit here to find out more

Investment – starting from £249 after free consultation only to make sure we are the right fit for you, and you are ready to make it happen.  We are flexible to make it work for you and can offer payment plans, if required, please email to discuss and make it possible.

" My pre wedding & then multiple pre and post natal coaching with Kim over the years has been awesome - she kept me sane, supported, motivated and explained all the hormonal changes, sleep patterns and gave me all the support I need despite moving homes and locations several times. After three kids I think I am now more sane than before my wedding.... and that is brilliant! Go and see her....she will make you feel great and believe you can do anything again. Most importantly, you will feel happy." Anna 

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Our Online Confidence Fit Club is the best, most simple, effective and positive step by step course, specially designed to give you the courage to grow your inner confidence. Stop self sabotage and become the very best YOU, right NOW.

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