Mind & Body Confidence Coaching

2017 - Be & Feel Your Best, in Mind & Body.

Inside Out, Comprehensive Tools, Support & Courage to learn to love the person you are, become fitter, strong and happy, mind and body. Life Enhancing, Exciting, Challenging Programme designed for those who are ready to commit to making a change to their lives.... differently, in awareness, for life.

Helping you to feel fantastic, inside and out and giving you the confidence to begin to exercise and feel good - whatever your circumstances... .. so combining all our sporty, nutrition, NLP and coaching knowledge we have the skills and empathy to help you begin to love the person you are, and FEEL FIT in Mind & Body, Inside Out - whatever your age or gender.

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"Working with Energised Performance truly has changed my life and self confidence. Kim's holistic Inside Out Programme has helped me to change the way I think, influencing all areas of my life from fitness and nutrition, to my career and relationship, and therefore the way I live & the person I am! I would recommend her 100%." A.M.K

Proven Fitness & Body Confidence Formula:

This Formula is a Proven System that will help you Feel Fitter, Stronger and More Confident - Inside & Out.

Is this for you?

* You have tried all sorts of diets but nothing really works?
* Do you look in the mirror, struggle with your body image and lack confidence?
* Do you have a little voice in your head that always sabotages what you are trying to achieve?
* You know how to get fitter, but still keep loping in a cycle of weight loss, gain and not feeling happy?
* Getting, married, changing jobs, moving house, all got too much?
* Poor sleep, feeling burned out, stressed, overcome with life?
* Always doubting yourself, and questioning if you are good enough?

"Kim from energised performance is one of the most inspiring, positive ladies I have ever met. She has helped me believe that anything is possible and I also think that my third pregnancy has been such a joy because of all of Kim's mentoring, both metally and physically in the last year. Thank you Energised Performance x Looking forward to achieving more goals ....." S.B.

What you will gain?

* Challenges, confidence, courage, tools and skills to make changes
* Nutrition advice, plans, recipes and advice
* Sleep knowledge, tips and advice
* Energy, hormone balance, well being and performance
* Fitness that you enjoy and find fun
* Achieving Goals and feeling Good
* Body and Mind Confidence
* Strategies to let go of limitations , excuses and fear
*Well being, contentment and future plans
* Fun, support and enjoyment
* Goodies and Team Kit :-)

To Achieve BODY CONFIDENCE, INSIDE & OUT Contact us Today for a Consultation to see if it's for you.

Our Body Confidence Programmes run for 3 - 9 months allowing you achieve permanent, life enhancing results.

"I have trained with Energised for years, and they supported advised and trained me to keep fit and healthy all through my first pregnancy. I felt & feel fabulous - I went to Bootcamp,strengthening my posture, pelvic floors, using the Flexi Bar - all in a balanced, appropriate way, learning to listen to my body through the trimesters. They always gave adaptions and I felt totally safe in their hands. The knowledge and advice has been invaluable whilst I was pregnant and now, 9 months post natal I am fitter, back in my skinny jeans and even my stomach is flat & toned! Amazing. I would recommend them highly if you would like support during and after your pregnancy...." First time Mum - S.W

The Proven Inside Out Fitness & Body Confidence Formula is only available with Our Leading Confidence Expert & Head Coach Kim Ingleby.

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VIP Impact: 3 Months
VIP Empower: 6 Months
VIP Transformation: 9 Months
Inside Out Breakthrough Day or Weekend
Group Coaching & On Line Support Options

Investment – Exclusive, Limited Availability by Interview only to guarantee results.

" My pre wedding & then post natal training with Kim was awesome - she kept me sane, supported, motivated and explained all the hormonal changes, sleep patterns and gave me a simple nutrition plan, combined with an easy exercise plan. I think I am more toned and happy than before my pregnancy - my buttocks and boobs are great again, and after three kids that is brilliant! Go and see her....she will make you feel great" A happy Mum. E.K

For any further questions or to book your FREE Consultation please call 07720 845849 or email us info@energisedperformance.com