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Are you a Entrepreneur looking for some support & mentoring? 

Take your business to the Next Level with our Proven Success Formula and Mentoring Support. 

Gain Clarity, Direction, Increase your Income, Improve your Systems, Increase your 'Free' time and Keep Energised in your Business. 

With over 20 years fitness, well-being and business industry experience, Multiple Award Winning Coach Kim Ingleby, will help you reduce the overhwelm, make decisions, take action and look after yourself whilst growing your vision into a reality.  

Kim has supported over 280 Entrepreneurs grow their business and confidence, reduce the risk of burnout and enjoy their life.  

The businesses she has worked with all over the World, include Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Beauty, PR, Book Deals, & Media Brand Growth, Media Personality Projects, Adventure & Travel, Photography, Cooking and Nutrition. Kim will also help you with big pitching or presentation skills to help develop your personality in your brand and business. 

Kim spoke at TEDx, a Finalist for the 2017 NLP in Business International Awards, has a degree in International Business Management and working towards her MBA. She has two coaches herself, one in the UK & one in L.A to continue being in a coached role for positive, uncomfortable growth. 

For more information and to discuss your plans and fears, please email info@energisedperformance.com

Mentoring Coaching Options:
Success Strategy Session & Support
Success Strategy Day & Support 
Monthly 1:1 (in person / on line skype) Coaching - 3 levels, Boost, Impact, Empower

For more information and to book a Consultation please email info@energisedperformance.com

With Fitpro Business Mentoring we feel our clients testimonials are the best summary of what we can help YOU achieve:

"We worked together for a whole day to clarify my goals and work on how to prepare top action my chaos. Kim gave me extremely useful techniques to help work out what to do first, and commit to making changes. Kim was calm, confident, knowledgeable and personable;  even though I was overwhelmed and stuck. This has given me a huge confidence boost across my whole life, not just in my business; and I continue to use the techniques that Kim has shown me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend and will certainly go and see her again in the future. Thank you Kim!" 2017 C. Daly, Buckinghamshire

"It's amazing how one Impact phone call and a few emails over one month can be so incredibly helpful. I am extremely grateful for the support, direction, knowledge and guidance you have given. I am really excited about my business now and what you've achieved is inspirational - you're definitely on my list to recommend for  business coaching."   Trainer & Coach, Bristol

"Kim has a big heart and a wise soul. I don't think that I would have achieved as much within my business & life as I have without your help, advise and support, actually I know I wouldn't have. You really are an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and caring person and I have been very lucky to have met you. You may be a scarily psychic, (!) but the intuition and perception you have to coach & understand me is invaluable. Thank you for being you and thank you for supporting me through everything and helping me believe in myself. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was questioning if they should book a session....." C. Aryton NLPerform, Kuwait (online client for 10 years) 

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Read Kim's interesting FitPro article on 'Being the Best without Burnout' here www.fitpro.com/burnout

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