Spring Fit 21 Day Challenge - Series 8.0

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Welcome to our 21 Day Spring #FitMindBody Online Challenge, Series 8.0!

The best, most simple, effective and positive kick start to your Wellness with our Award Winning Mind Body Coach, Kim Ingleby. 

Specially designed to kick start your Spring Fitness in Mind and Body 
Stop self sabotage, procrastination and become the very best YOU, right NOW.

What is our Spring Fit Mind Body Challenge and who is your Coach?

My name is Kim Ingleby and I'm passionate about helping people access their full potential, let go of fears and self sabotage, manage their stress and basically, take action and make their wishes happen, whilst learning to love the person they are.

Over the last few years I’ve been developing this empowering courses to help you grow in confidence, mind and body. It’s taken a while, and now we offer three proven ways to help grow your wellness & fitness in Mind & Body.  The journey starts with our 21 Day Kick Start, which for many people is all your need to get the support to start. This will be our 8th Spring Fit Mind Body Challenge and we would love to welcome YOU, wherever you are in the World. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women & men who lacking in confidence, even though people around them maybe do not realise it. They often feel vulnerable inside, like they are not good enough. It doesn’t matter what they look like, they just don’t feel confident or like the person they are. They have tried all sorts of plans and workouts, finding it all overwhelming and often disappointing, as although they get results on the outside, they still feel rubbish on the inside. This leads to a cycle of self-doubt, anxiety and internal self sabotage. This has led me to developing this unique kick start to refresh your mind, body and even soul, keeping it simple, easy and effective, which I would love to welcome you too.

I'm really excited about the people who join our 21 Day Challenge and the community support and friendships around the World, as well as the great things everyone achieves. The challenge offers you a month's support group giving you tools, tips and accountability to start your inner confidence journey, focusing totally on Workouts, Nutrition & Mindset Flow, whatever your goal from adventures and endurance, to becoming lighter, fitter, healthier and happier for YOU. 

Each week will have a different theme to focus on, these include:
Sample Week 1 - Cleansing your Nutrition, Kick start Fitness, Mini Goals
Sample Week 2  - Consistency with Nutrition, Fitness Focus, Mindset Awarenesss
Sample Week 3 - Committed Nutrition & Fitness to Feel Good for You, Mindset Mentoring 

You will receive 3 emails, one per week with nutrition plans, workout ideas and mindset coaching tools for inner mind and body confidence growth, plus some book and podcast recommendations. You will be added to a Private FB Support Group with weekly advice from me, your experienced, Award Winning Global Coach.
I'm really excited about bringing this together as I know 100% it's going to give you some simple, great support every week and get you ready for May 2018! Along with this you will receive special offers, discounts and early bird booking for other events.

I would LOVE to welcome you to the group, it would be my complete pleasure.

If you have any questions please do pop me a message first kim@energisedperformance.com

Our Happy Fit Mind Body Challenge Team:

' Learning about my body, and getting leaner but not lighter has been a revolution, I've lost inches and clothes look amazing!! My skin has improved vastly, I used to be very spotty and prone to blackheads even at the ripe old age of 41. The skin around my nose and chin used to be constantly red. Once I came off the sugar and cut out the caffeine all of a sudden the redness has disappeared and no breakouts. I still can't believe how much I now eat (as it seems a lot!!), but I feel amazing, full of energy and everyone keeps commenting...! I am coping with stress a lot better now, my hormones and periods I understand better and I just feel so much happier. I am sure there is a ton more I could tell you, but honestly this is the best group I've ever joined. Kim is really knowledgeable, the monthly themes are practical and possibly and I would highly recommend it.' Christine.

* Average fat loss (if that's your goal) over 3 months is 4-7lbs & 2.5″

* Energy Increased by 67% and body positive thoughts

* Quality of rest and sleep improved by 33%

* Feel Good About Themselves, moved up by 47%

* Recommend to a friend - yes 10/10, yippee!

Kim is an International Award Winning Personal Trainer & Mindset Coach, with a passion to help every body grow their inner confidence and self worth, to feel happier, healthier and full of energy. She has over 20 years experience working with people all over the World and would love you to join this course and start your journey today, to let go of your fears and self sabotage and start to feel, look and become the person you keep wishing you could, and know you CAN become today. Jump on and join us.

Watch her TEDx Talk & buy her little book - 52 Tips to Help you Feel Good.

It's only £28 per month, so a magical £1.33 per day, which is less than any drink or snack, yet packed full of additional support and advice. Once you have paid, you will be sent an email on 5th April in the afternoon (GMT) with confirmation links for course content sign up and added to the private FB group support (you don't need to do this if you are not on social media). The course content will then land in your in box at 8pm GMT on Friday 6th April (& the following two Friday's), plus 3 weekly check in's for Q & A with me on FB. You can do the content anytime you like, anywhere in the World and you don't need any kit, there can be adaptations for all levels of fitness and dietary requirements, you just need to post and ask for this support in the Private Group. 

I would LOVE to welcome you to this group, it would be my complete pleasure and our 8th season of running it :-) 

Important: If  your PayPal payment email address is different to the email you would like your course content to go to please send us a message at info@energisedperformance.com

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